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About Me

                  Our chemistry will define our date, only our imaginations will limit it!! 

     Hello, I'm Cristylonglegs. An established GFE escort companion, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Thank you for taking the time to view my site. Hopefully it will entice you to want to meet me personally

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What to expect

I am an imported Haligonian, one who is perfectly imperfect, mature, sexy, kind of heart, witty and authentic in all my interactions.. As a GFE escort based in Halifax, and who travels within the Maritime provinces, my goal is to show my chosen gentleman, Maritime hospitality, and a date that is offered with shared desire, sensual allure and an eagerness to satisfy. When we meet, you'll feel comfortable, adored, safe, and pleased to meet someone who is as she advertises, and gives what she promises.

I don't see beauty as being something physical, it shines from within a person's character, compassion, kindness, humor and confidence.

However if you need visual stimuli then.... 

I am tall(5ft 9in), proudly mature,(later 40's) slender, fit and toned, (128lbs), blonde all over, of European descent, born and raised in Canada and now happily settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

My hair is thick, stylishly cut and a light shade of blonde

My eyes are warm, inviting, and a pretty hazel green

My seductive lips are full, kissable, and very talented!

My body is soft and slender @ 128lbs. Certainly not perfect, but well proportioned at 36d-26-36.

My legs are nearly 36 inches long, toned and loved to be adorned in sexy stockings

My breasts have been enhanced from a pretty and perky 36c to a sexier more voluptuous 36d, but you'd never know by touching them!

I'd make any gentleman's arm a wonderful compliment .


My philosophy:

Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. 

I believe kindness begets kindness-do a good deed and a deed will do good for you. Pay it forward, do something nice today it will come back to you ten fold. But don't be kind simply for it's reward, be kind because that is what being human should represent. 

My passion:

Animal welfare/strengthening laws/preventing abuse:

 I'm a staunch supporter of animal rights. I believe animals are our equals, not our chatel, nor are they here simply for our use. I work to bring awareness of atrocities committed against animals and punishment towards those who commit such abuses. Please, if you see abuse, report it and if you can, donate to a shelter. They are all in such need and it is donations that keep their doors open and provide homes for many homeless animals.

 For those who get their pets elsewhere, ALWAYS SPAY AND NEUTER your pet, they are your responsibility for their lifespan Not until you tire of them! Thank you:)

AND....Please.... if you must eat meat.....  "eat with your heart" choose humanely raised food:) Buying grocery store "meat" is in most cases supporting factory farming, as is buying fast food products. Factory farming causes more pollution than most cars, unneeded suffering for the animals and is a very unhealthy way to eat. Buy local, organic, or from a known "actual" farmer. You'll do your health and planet the biggest favor!! 



Escort Reviews/Reco's


 I now have a no review/recommedation policy (see my blog ). Please respect this, and although I dislike and no longer want reviews and reco's, and don't understand why some need them, I've kept these for the time being, for those who do.
No higher form of flattery is that from another reputable and charming Halifax escort...when asked if I was a legitimate escort by a potential client Katherine wrote.....

(Quote:) Of course she is legit . She has a strong presence in Halifax and is highly respected.


I have met her personally and can say she is absolutely stunning .


I see regular requests for quality companionship in your area . Now is your chance gentlemen ! (end quote)

 ( and btw I'd also highly recommend Katherine)
Hi Cristy, you may not remember me, as it's been a while since we met. I certainly remember you and our wonderful evening together. I don't have any plans to be in Halifax in the near future but after reading your recent blogs wanted to reach  and send you warm wishes with supportive thoughts. I'm sorry you're being portrayed in such a bad way but don't stoop to their level. Keep on the right path. Those who meet you will see just how lovely and genuine you are. Till we meet again. Tom 


Yours truly

A few words to let you know how much our meeting meant to me. You made the whole process quick and easy. Your company was just what I needed. A complete package. Thanks again. Yours truly XX  

Gentlemen, Cristy is simply many things. She is warm, friendly, conversational, personable, inviting, courteous, engaging, elegant, generous, responsive, and immediately disarming. She effortlessly moves between being pretty, beautiful, attractive, alluring, stunning, and seductive. She surprises with many additional attributes best left in the intimacy of her bedroom. Cristy greatly exceeded my wishes for a memorable evening. Do not forego the opportunity to lavish your time on this delightful lady.
One word, Awesome ! I had the pleasure of meeting Cristy last night. It was my first time and I was very nervous. Cristy made me feel very comfortable. Cristy is a beautiful person and looks, as you can see from her pictures, amazing. I will definitely meet Cristy again, if she will have me ;o)
A recent visitor
I'm adding my accolades after spending some time with Cristy while visiting Halifax recently. Her incall was top notch and her service was even better. I'd certainly recommend her and would add her to the list of must sees when in Halifax.
A very happy man
I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with the beautiful Miss curves recently. What I found to be most impressive about her is just how down to earth and how real she is. As beautiful and as impressive as she is is from head to toe, you'll not find an ounce of conceit within her. A ten of ten is my vote.
Still smiling broadly after my magical 3-hour adventure with a beautiful body and soul. So sweet and kind, Cristy will blow your... mind. Look no further, gents, for the thrill of a lifetime.
An exciting encounter, and her photos don't do her justice. Very clean, classy and welcoming; professional in every way; soft spoken but deep and thoughtful. Wish I could've stayed longer.
The anticipation of meeting built as we exchanged e-mails, arrangements were made, and then a last minute flip flop at work left me in a rush to get over on time...I parked and found my way inside, looking forward to getting to meet you in person. Stepping through the threshold of your place, I was welcomed by the warmth of your space, and the smile on your face. You were exactly as I'd thought, only taller and better....the conversation as we got comfortable was pleasant, and easy. The conversation never really ended, but we did get pleasantly distracted from it for quite a while, and when, alas, we parted ways, it was with delightful memories written in my mind. Those memories have been rekindled even just by passing through the area, and while my work has kept me away, it is now moving me closer, so I know we will soon meet again, and there will be a measure of pleasure for both of us to enjoy.


-Hey Cristy,

 Thanks for seeing me today I had an awesome time as usual. You are so accommodating and also a lovely conversationalist. It's such a pleasure to be in your company. 

This will be only place I will put this review of our date. You can post it yourself if you wish.
My date with Cristy.
On a scale of 1-10 she is a 25.
Thank you again.

I had a wonderful chance to meet Cristycurves ( aka Cristylonglegs). What a great experience

She is a superb lady, hot and lovely. I can't wait to see her again. 

make reality from your dream

thanks Cristy! 


 I just met with Cristy tonight and I must say she does impress. She greeted me at the door dressed in an outfit that really showed off her amazing figure. In high heels she towered over me (I'm 5ft9) they made her stand well over 6ft. Her place is very nice and in a  good location. She was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.

I must say she knows how to play and I will definitely be repeating

thanks Cristy for rocking my world. 


 I visited Cristy recently and indeed her pictures are accurate. She has the figure of a vegas show girl. I'm just an average joe, height wise, so yeah, I was looking up too! She was exceptionally hospitable(good wine and conversation) and her place is like her, Classy and casual. It was a great evening and she's not a clockwatcher, quite the opposite actually, lots of fun was had!




Halifax GFE escort cristylonglegs
Halifax, NS
5' 9"
128 lbs
kindness, humor, compassion, intelligence, dogs, cars, delicious food
pettiness, cruelty, bullies, dishonesty, gossip.
I accept cash only or cash payments thru e-transfer.