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So, yesterday while tweeting on twitter, I came upon a picture. I thought looked, it was an older picture of me......yet an escort in the states was passing it off as herself.  She had added some filters to it and cropped out what could be seen of my face.She had this pic in quite a few of her twitter ads. I messaged  this person  asking her to stop using my picture. She messaged back telling me ..."there must be some confusion, as it was one of the pics her photographer had sent her" would think any person would recognize themselves and their own!! I messaged her back telling her to stop her lying. It is one thing to use someones elses pics but when they confront you, and ask you to stop, and the person still insists the pic is of them......they become a liar and a thief! No surprise, not long after my messages to her. she locks her account, then shuts it down. The nerve of some people!! Gezz when you're caught, apologize and move on, don't lie and run away.....#coward #badcharacter