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The kiss.....

I come from a time in the biz when kissing was taboo, I was taught that an escort should never "enjoy" her interactions with a client. That wasn't business being open to kissing has taken time. I've also been one who feels kissing to be extremely intimate, and not necessarily sexual. It is something two share who have deep feelings for one another....but things have changed, somewhat. I've met a few gents who've I enjoyed sharing passionate kisses with. It came about naturally.....and it added to the hotness of the moment. I've also had to decline some because their breathe was off putting.....and sadly I didn't have the courage to be upfront with them, and simply declined the kiss. This disappointed not only me, but the client.....that being said, we still had fun and some have repeated and with fresher breathe. 

The point of this blog is to say that admittedly as much as I pride myself on being forthright, sometimes, in certain instances, I've found it difficult to be so, and apologize to those with whom I couldn't be. 

So as my website indicates I'm fussy about oral hygiene, and if kissing is to be enjoyed, come fresh breathed, clean teethed  (yes I know those phrases are properly worded) and we'll both enjoy the intmacy of the kiss......