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The gfe

To many this "girl friend experience" when mentioned, will mean that the client booking it  will then receive, or be guaranteed particular services. Namely kissing and bbbj. But wait....I'm going to argue this. To those who think that certain acronyms are indicative to particular services, please think again. Firstly, there is hygiene, that determines much of what will occur. Then there is chemistry, that too will determine much. Instead of seeking out particular services, if you're wanting true passion, seek out someone who is interested in allowing that to happen. Seek out someone with an understanding of what a gfe is truly is about an experience, not a list of services. Passion is unpredictable and happens naturally.... Concentrating only on getting this and that service will limit your experience, a genuine experience, that is.....

It is my experience that if you choose a provider who lists herself as a authentic gfe provider you should expect her to be one who'll treat you as a desirable partner. Not a paying customer. You'll feel the shared passion, the true intimacy and it will feel like you're with an actual girlfriend. Not always will abc,d, services happen, as in passion, things happen spontaneously, and not in a calulated way. Enjoy!!!