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I just don't get it....I have no understanding towards the mindset of those who trophy hunt. I'm not accepting of their "sport" and will never accept any reasoning for it. I think those who seek out these types of hunts in order to kill an animal that poses them no harm, nor food, only a trophy of their barbism, are in need of psychatric help.

These "trophy" animals are often raised on farms and then drugged and transported to an open area where they're shot, and often shot multiple times.....then the person poses with their kill.....on other hunts and I use the term "hunts, sarcastically, the animal is easily found as they're usually on game reserves, then shot without the ability of escape.....and again the person, rather, murderer, poses with their "trophy. There was a recent story circualting on the net that told of how one of these hunters was killed by a pck of lions, hmm I thought upon reading it, karma does exist. Good on karma....