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This subject gets me so annoyed . It's 2019 and still we have ladies charging ridiculously low fees, and clients still complaining that rates are too high. When I became an independent in 2011, I was charging 250/260 hourly. I was fine with that since before that time, I was working in services and that is what I'd typically earn with my hourly fee and tip.As an independent, I believe I charged that rate for about a year or two until I moved into providing what was considered a gfe service.Then I raised my fee to 300 hourly, at which it remains. So..... more than a decade ago ladies were earning 200-250 hrly yet today most are tell me, do you know of anything that has *not* increased in the past 8-10 yrs? I'll tell you.... Everything other than escort fees has increased in cost. Yet clients still gripe and want escort fees to remain as they were 10 + years ago. It's hard to believe that those complaining, truly appreciate and want the best for's hard to believe that those complaining aren't simply being manipulative, selfish and inconsiderate.

 Regardless of what anyone charges, it is common sense to expect any wage to increase with the costs of living.....yet many seem to disregard this with our fees. It is a shame that so many escorts today think they are gaining the upper hand by charging what a client wants to pay, not what she is worth! To those cry babies who whine about those escorts who raise their rates because they won't be able to see them as often, I say, suck it up and too bad. Get another job, or cut back on something else if you want to continue regular visits. Visiting with us is a luxury, a treat, and one which is costly, not just for you but for us as well.The costs an independent incurs  are many and often times can eat up an hours fee per day, or more. No escort should have to justify her price and no client should gripe about it, Pay it or move on.