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twitter spats....

I'm a fervent twitter poster. Of late, there is a group of ladies who are posting continously about their dislike for one another. Not knowing any of them personally, I can't attest to who is right, wrong or justified. I can only offer support and understanding, with hopes of a resolve for all of them. This industry certainly can make some people forget their morals and money can certainly rule some people and cause some to act out in ways that are unflattering and hard to watch. 

I've had my own issues with a few ladies( as another blog will attest) and found blogging helps. I found it best to post my grievances where they wouldn't be moderated or erased and where seeing them would be by a persons choice ( you'd have to visit my website to read my blog, as you know). I think when any of us has issues we need to vent about them in order to heal, and it's important to do so, but not in a way in which you involve people that don't need to be involved, or who don't want to be involved, or who don't want to read about our grievances. Twitter isn't the best place.Although it is sometimes needed. It is one thing to warn others about abusive behavior from a client, or another escort, but to post about fights that go  into personal details, steps beyond doing anyone any good. We should all want to help one another in this business. As escorts we have far to many against us as it stands, without having squabbles among one another. There are to many out there who try and bring us down, and to many more important issues, that *together* we could conquer. I'm hoping these ladies will come togehter and resolve their differences and learn to support one another **again**. They all liked each other at one time, hung out and worked togather at one time, so they must have seen something positive in one another at one time.......Forgiveness is hard to do, but very rewarding when given.  I'm hoping all sides will forgive and move on......