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Oh those lyla boys....

Ugh, yes I admit it..... I still occasionally look at some of the posts on that site. This one    had me in stiches....why? Well because the op of that post, back in my days on that board, profusely posted about a particular provider....whom I won't mention, but I'm sure some will realize about whom I speak, lol. He supported her back then, and all her clique, with fervor and glee. So..again... why do I find his recent post so funny? Because that person has been 36 for a number of years....and might I say, that **is** her business. BUT if you're going to approach a subject, and make it a thread, don't be a hypocrite about it. Whom ever he is talking about in that thread, he should have faced privately or communicated with directly, and he should have also mentioned in that thread, how bias he is, that he is obviously forgiving of some who shave years off themselves, but not others.....but this initself is part of the reason I so dislike the boards, they harbor these types of hypocrisy and favortisms......and I too can admit, *SOME* good threads and good members, as well:) Cat( one of the posters in the thread) said it best, in one of her replies, she commented "that things like this( companions who do one thing or another) tend to only bother those on boards, or those who closely follow the boards". It's also my experience that board members seem to be the ones who cause many of the issues related to our industry. They low ball, cancel without notice, gossip, give out sp's addresses without permission, are cheap, over stay their time, etc, etc, etc. In all my years of escorting, in all it's facets, my most problematic clients have been board members, and most often, the ones who prolifically post and review......those names too I'll leave least for now:) Happy Friday.