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Now is not a time...

The last few days I've been getting an exceedingly larger amount of new clients wanting to meet. That is lovely, but they're all wanting to meet at the moment of their call/text. How is that even possible, lol. I mean some of these guys are wanting an hour and give the story "I've only got a small window of time and have to be at xyz place at such a time" takes time to get to me, and to get back to your destination, if you've only mins more than an hour how the heck could we meet for an hour..............

But wait, if  you've read my previous blog....where an escort blames me for her nuisance calls, maybe I should follow her train of thought, maybe I should be like her and blame an escort that doesn't like me for causing all these excessive calls/texts from new "want to meet now clients".....could it be, @MsJessicaRainSP playing games and getting men to call me? HMMMMM.