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My name is Cristy....

Dear Mr. so and so....I like to be called Cristy. I know when you send your text and refer to me as sweetie, sexy, babe,hun, or any other name that is not Cristy, you're trying to be friendly, even sexy, I will assume, but I find it annoying and a turn off. I like my chosen name. So please, when we talk, please refer to me by Cristy, and by the way, why are you texting  or emailing?

  I specifically request phones calls as my desired contact method on this site and in all my ads!!!..... so please don't respond as many of those entitled asshats do, by telling me you'll "call" at some point...but for now you'll email or text your questions., ...or use one of the many stupid over used excuses..such as:..... " you can't" call at the moment", or "you're in a meeting" , or "your phone isn't able to make calls", or "you're to shy", or you're in an area where you can't make a call". Because I've heard them all and none are acceptable. Please remember I'm not interested in excuses, I'm not interested in why *you* can't  call, you see you aren't an exception, no one is. If you can't call, then don't contact me until you can call. If you aren't willing to call for our intial contact, then don't text or email.....