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Looking to jingle your bells or a place to hang your balls?

It's nearing the holiday season and my favorite time of year. So lets celebrate together.....

What you can expect....if we click. I like to get cosy with a man, snuggle close, enjoy a drink or two while we talk about a myriad of subjects. I'll reply with interesting comments, intelligent retorts, curious questions and some strong opinions. Conversation is titillating!!

My intimacy will range from deeply passionate to vanilla sweetness...this will depend on you.....I am very open with my body, have a striong desire to please and a willingness to experiement. But I'm also very authentic , so mood plays into this too. 

I love to massage a man...that's something I will typically want to do first. I love relaxing you by running my hands and fingers all over your body. I love to explore run my erect nipples along your back, to tease your balls with my fingers, massaging your ass.....grinding myself into you.....

When I ask you to turn over, I'll hope you'll want to suck on my nipples, arousing me more. Then I'll slide down to encourage you to "rise to the occasion"...from here you'll have to use your imagination....because the rest is between you and me....