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It seems from time to time I have to explain myself, and I'm sure to no avail, yet here I go.....

Gentlemen I have clearly posted on my site(on my rates page) how important the esthetic of having nice looking teeth is to me...I have the right to have expectations of my clients. SO once again, if you ignore this and show up and I see that your teeth are in bad repair or missing, I'm not going to see you and I will expect full compentsation. If I don't notice this until we are intimate, then expect your service to be less than mediocre. Being sneaky is a turn off as is ignoring my requests. You do not have a right to see me, and it is rude and sneeky to ignore my expectations of you. I choose who I see and there are certain things that I will not over look. Good oral hygiene, nice looking teeth, are one of those things.

Just as you pick your escort based on  certain criteria, I too choose my clients . We both have that right. So please be respectful and understand I've the right to espect certain things from you, ....good teeth turn me on, bad teeth turn me off. That doesn't make me better than you, I'm just being honest about something I can't over look. We all deserve honesty and we all have things that we like and dislike. Thanks for understanding .