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It's shocking....

That's the headline the news reports are leading with....... Robert Kraft sought out a prostitute. OMG!!! You'd think it was the first time in history.You'd think he had committed the most heinous of crimes. Come on, he just wanted to get off.....

  He wanted some sex, sex that obviously involved no committment, no ties...SO.... so what, who cares!!.....then they had too add Trumps comments, with those, it was no longer even a news story, it became a comedy.They also seemed to be trying to purport that somehow Krafts actions had contributed to sex trafficking. But adding comments from one of Americas biggest philanderers and perverts destroyed even that narrative, imo.

 Firstly, let me say that I get angry when those in law enforcement and in the news, conflate sex trafficking with escorting.They aren't one and the same, and it would be akin to saying that liquor stores are the homes of and creators of alcoholics. Sure some women are forced into our industry, terribly abused, that is awful and shouldn't be tolerated. But that has nothing to do with those of us who concensually sell and buy sex. Publicly embarassing and punishing those of us who do, does**NOT** solve the trafficking issues, nor will doing so eliminate the industry. As much as those who feign disgust at the notion of prostitution, who want to blabber on about how awful it is, how shameful and reprehensible the behavior is, as much as they want to pretend trafficking and selling sex are one and the same and that it is wrong to consensually buy sex.... they can't and won't change the fact that  the industry will continue to exist, because men and women crave, need, and want to have sex, and they often want it with strangers, often without the ties of a conventional relationship, often, in an unconfentional consensual way. Men and women want to legally buy and sell sex!!! That is a fact. So keeping it as an illegal transaction and calling it shameful will only continue to amplifie the problems within the industry, and enable those with nefarious intentions towards it. Make it legal, start seeing it as a viable and acceptable iindustry and I assure you those who traffic, those who pimp, will disappear and those who don't disappear, will be easier to find and prosecute. Stop wasting tax payers dollars chasing after those of us who seek what we all seek, consensual sexual gratification. It is natural to seek sex. Adding money to the equation doesn't make it  less natural, it simply clarifies things!!