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Come on guys.....

Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to a bad experience and move on, because sometimes you're "stupidity" is to blame, not the deviousness of the scammer.

Sure some will think I'm being too harsh, and critque my comments....go ahead...but come on. In this example leave to get condoms???? after you pay her and expect that she's going to be there? LMAO!!!! Your first clue before leaving was hearing a mans voice in the other room....the second and most obvious clue was when she asks you to leave!!! Regardless of the reason......Every professional escort will have enough condoms on hand to handle you and more....just as they should be prepared in other ways, having all supplies ready is a must and a sign of a prepared escort. 

I'm not sure if these "unknown young girls" make grown men go dumb and blind, or if these guys that post about being scammed are dumb and blind already.

A few hints...if a lady has no posting history, advertises on only one site ....beware.....if a lady is unknown and under 25 beware, I'm not insisiting that you shouldn't see her, just do so with caution and a clear head...most scammers are between 19-25....if when you meet a lady there are other people in other rooms, and it isn't a brothel, or you weren't told beforehand , then leave....if the lady is not who was pictured, leave....if the lady asks you to pay and then go pick something up for her...refuse and leave. If the room you are in doesn't have necessities in sight, before you pay ask where the "date" is going to take place...look, if there are no "necessities" in site,  never pay until you see them, if excuses are made, leave....Common sense is your friend, your gut instinct is your friend....use both and don't be afraid to ask questions...any bad vibes should be listened to. Guys think with your big heads...