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This year has been a curious one. A challenging one and an intersting one. There certainly have been some changes. Changes in how clients contact me, in their attitudes and from lisitening to other escorts, changes for many and not in a good way.....but why? 

 When backpages was taken down, around April/May of 2018, a year ago.... it seemed it was then things began to change. Whether or not that is a coincedence, I can't tell. But those changes continue and they are growing. Along with the demise of BP came the popularity of texting as an acceptable means of contacting us, and the usage of app and voip numbers to do so. It is the latter that imo, is the cause of most of the nuisances we deal with. Anyone who is going to deliberately waste time, ask foolish questions, or be rude and crude always will contact using a disposable number( an app or voip number), and laways thru a text, they're to cowardly too allow anyone too even hear their voice, so they never call. Yes, in just a year, I've noticed a big change in the number of inquiries I get from fake numbers, compared to those from real cell numbers. So perhaps it isn't the loss of an advertising platform that has brought about change, but rather an easier way of accessing ways to anonymously contact someone and to not be held responsible for doing so, that incites some to act in a way they'd be ashamed to display if their identities were known. Perhaps it is that which has changed things...... Serious clients will reach out to us as we ask and will behave as a gentleman should. They'll also use a real to adjust to the change, we have to realize that although technology has made it easier for some to act out,  it has also made us more aware of how to spot those who we need to block and ignore. Times have certainly changed......