Career hookers

Apparently I'm a "career hooker".That is what I've been referred as by a particular client and with condescension. This person, has himself admitted to seeing escorts and being involved in the industry for decades. Apparently there are clients who find it distasteful for an escort to make this buisness a career, or something they do for an extended period of time *but* it's fine and an acceptable and upstanding choice if they do, LOL!!. On another occasion, I had come across a post in which a board member was complimenting a lady he had visited, he stated.."she was to smart to stay in this industry for long". So again, another person who is condescending towards those of us who choose to escort for extended periods..... 

Isn't it a shame that those who visit escorts would hold such negative views of many of us. But what are they really saying, I think their thoughts and attitudes actually say more about themselves, then the "career hookers" they mock. 

Lets be honest. An escort is an escort, whether she escorts for a month or decades.The only thing that would change would be her experience and age....and there is nothing wrong with having more of either under ones belt:)