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Another shooting...

And here we go again. Prayers are being sent....that'll help ( I say with disgust and  sarcasm) and the turd in office says "it's all about mental illness". Well he should know all about mental illness. What with his two sons, dumb and dumber and his own mental issues.....But in many cases mental issues aren't the reason, often the reasons are religious based, or politically motivated. 

 It is time to look at how other countries handle gun control. Fuck the NRA, fuck those who profit from guns, ammo, etc. It is time for change. Japan, in this instance, might be a country to follow. But $$$ talks.....and so change will never happen. At least not in North America, most assuridly, not in the U.S.A. So until the next shooting happens, hug those you love, it may be them, who are the next victims.