About Me

Welcome and thank you for your interest. I'm Cristy, that seductive woman you hear whispers of, the one you've fantisized about, and the woman you'll remember most!

I"m a happy, funloving, intelligent, insightful, youthful, yet mature woman who loves to share in laughter, interesting conversation, erotic play, cuddles, kisses and more. I'm always authentic, and I'm truly invested in making sure my guests leave with a smile. Contact me, and lets begin our adventure. One in which, only our imaginations can limit the possibilities. When contacting me please respect my wishes and call.902-444-0414. I dislike conversing thru text or email. Thank you.

What to expect:

A perfectly imperfect mature, authentically sensual, opinionated and strongly independent woman. Who is kind, compassionate, proud, loyal and someone  who is limited only by her imagination, not by society's morals or others expectations or conditions. I am a true rebel with a cause, and a proud lone wolf.

I don't see beauty as being physical, it's shines from within a persons character, compassion, kindness, humor and confidence.

However if you need visual stimuli then.... 

I am tall(5ft 9in), proudly mature (40 +yrs), slender, fit and toned, (128lbs), blonde, of European descent, born and raised in Canada.

 My hair is thick, dark blonde with highlights.

My eyes are warm, inviting, and a pretty hazel green

My delicious lips are seductive, full, kissable, pouty and talented!

My body is slender without exercise,  with soft slender curves, certainly not perfect, but well proportioned at 36d-26-36.

My legs are nearly 36inches, toned and loved to be adorned in sexy stockings

My breasts have been enhanced from a pretty and perky 36c to a sexier more voluptuous 36d, but you'd never know by touching them!

I'd make any gentleman's arm a wonderful complement .


My philosophy:

Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. 

I believe kindness begets kindness-do a good deed and a deed will do good for you. Pay it forward, do something nice today it will come back to you ten fold. But don't be kind simply for it's reward, be kind because that is what being human should represent. 

My passion:

animal welfare/strengthening laws/preventing abuse:

 I'm a staunch supporter of animal rights. I believe animals are our equals, not our chatel, nor are they here simply for our uses. I work to bring awareness of atrocities committed against animals and punishment towards those who commit such abuses. Please, if you see abuse, report it and if you can, donate to a shelter. They are all in such need and it is donations that keep their doors open and provide homes for many homeless animals.

 For those who get their pets elsewhere, ALWAYS SPAY AND NEUTER your pet, they are your responsibility for their lifespan Not until you tire of them! Thank you:)

AND....Please.... if you must eat meat.....  "eat with your heart" choose humanely raised food:) Buying grocery store "meat" is in most cases supporting factory farming, as is buying fast food products. Factory farming causes more pollution than most cars, unneeded suffering for the animals and is a very unhealthy way to eat. Buy local, organic, or from a known "actual" farmer. You'll do your health and planet the biggest favor!! 






There are more recent reviews posted in my pictures section.

Yours Truly xx -July 18/2018

A few words to let you know how much our meeting meant to me. You made the whole process quick and easy. Your company was just what I needed. A complete package. Thanks again. Yours truly XX  


Added on December 28, 2017

I had no idea what to expect when I first met you. Your intelligence and conversation sparkled.You seem to share many of my interests and beliefs. I hope I will have the pleasure to see you again often.Like wine I will improve with age.

Added on November 4, 2017

Gentlemen, Cristy is simply many things. She is warm, friendly, conversational, personable, inviting, courteous, engaging, elegant, generous, responsive, and immediately disarming. She effortlessly moves between being pretty, beautiful, attractive, alluring, stunning, and seductive. She surprises with many additional attributes best left in the intimacy of her bedroom. Cristy greatly exceeded my wishes for a memorable evening. Do not forego the opportunity to lavish your time on this delightful lady.

Added on September 22, 2017

One word, Awesome ! I had the pleasure of meeting Cristy last night. It was my first time and I was very nervous. Cristy made me feel very comfortable. Cristy is a beautiful person and looks, as you can see from her pictures, amazing. I will definitely meet Cristy again, if she will have me ;o)
A recent visitor

Added on July 13, 2017

I'm adding my accolades after spending some time with Cristy while visiting Halifax recently. Her incall was top notch and her service was even better. I'd certainly recommend her and would add her to the list of must sees when in Halifax.
A very happy man

Added on January 1, 2017

I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with the beautiful Miss curves recently. What I found to be most impressive about her is just how down to earth and how real she is. As beautiful and as impressive as she is is from head to toe, you'll not find an ounce of conceit within her. A ten of ten is my vote.

Added on October 28, 2016

Getting our schedules to align was a bit cumbersome but so worth it in the end. Spending the morning with you was a perfect way to start my day.You are perfectly charming. I now have another reason to visit Halifax.
August 11, 2016

Added on August 11, 2016

Still smiling broadly after my magical 3-hour adventure with a beautiful body and soul. So sweet and kind, Cristy will blow your... mind. Look no further, gents, for the thrill of a lifetime!

Added on June 2, 2016

Your favorite 3hour engagement is know one of my favorite memories. Hopefully we'll get to spend more time to together on my next trip to Halifax. Regards and stay sexy
Ben G

Added on May 12, 2016

Just a note to thank you Cristy for the wonderful evening I shared with you recently.You were the perfect hostess and the sexiest woman I've had the pleasure sending time with. you certainly are someone who is head and shoulders above the crowd and not just because you are tall.You deserve the best pretty lady, I look forward to seeing you again.

Added on April 18, 2016

I'm impressed by your humane side. I was initially interested in the massage service, so I visited your website to learn more and the first link I clicked was about you, because I believe in personal connections. I dislike just "paying for a service" if there is no chemistry or connection. Only for money makes it too cold. So, I read your story and knowing that you ar an animal advocate just floored me. I am too, I am a biologist and I always fight for those with no voice. Anyway, enough words I now need to learn more and more of you. I will book an encounter this week. Until then. XXOO

Added on April 13, 2016

An exciting encounter, and her photos don't do her justice. Very clean, classy and welcoming; professional in every way; soft spoken but deep and thoughtful. Wish I could've stayed longer.

Added on May 29, 2015

The anticipation of meeting built as we exchanged e-mails, arrangements were made, and then a last minute flip flop at work left me in a rush to get over on time...I parked and found my way inside, looking forward to getting to meet you in person. Stepping through the threshold of your place, I was welcomed by the warmth of your space, and the smile on your face. You were exactly as I'd thought, only taller and better....the conversation as we got comfortable was pleasant, and easy. The conversation never really ended, but we did get pleasantly distracted from it for quite a while, and when, alas, we parted ways, it was with delightful memories written in my mind. Those memories have been rekindled even just by passing through the area, and while my work has kept me away, it is now moving me closer, so I know we will soon meet again, and there will be a measure of pleasure for both of us to enjoy.
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Escort Cristycurves reviewed by Kailor on 07/01/15. 
When I Arrived, Cristy was Dressed to kill, in nice black and purple number, that was absolutely amazing. We got talking about multiple subjects, Cristy is very knowledgeable and is able to hold a conversation very well. During the time she offered a very nice Pinot Grigio. After we finished the wine, we moved to the bedroom, and it was an Excellent.


Escort cristycurves reviewed by plevine on 06/21/15. 
It's been a few years since I have been back in Halifax and Cristy was still on my mind. I was happy to find her still around and available. My last review didn't leave her very happy. She found it to be to explicit so this one will be left to your imagination. I will say whoever sees this beautiful lady is very lucky and should treat her well.


Escort cristy curves reviewed by High Heel Lover on 12/31/13. 
Cristy arrived right on time and looked great as usual. I have a heel fetish and we did a shoe store roleplay and I'm thinking the academy of motion pictures is going to nominate her for an Oscar. Great time Cristy can't wait till the next time. 


Escort cristycurves reviewed by gimjam on 01/14/12. 
I found cristy online and was attracted to her photos she looked so sexy and did not disappoint in person really much better in the flesh, she is comical and one of the sexiest ladies I have met so far on my travels to halifax she is well worth seeing again and again have to say that cristy gives one of the best massages I have had in a long long time.


Escort cristycurves reviewed by david10 on 10/04/11. 
Arranged to meet with Cristy for a 2 hour appointment. I think it lasted more like 3. We talked for ages. Going through a rough time of late and she is a great listener. She really put me at ease. I could have just gone on talking with all night. Cristy has the most incredible body. Her legs go on forever. I have never seen nicer breast. 


Escort cristycurves reviewed by andrewcaines on 07/08/11. 
I wanted someone to join me for dinner, I emailed cristy and she responded chose her because of her age, and appearance she was like her pictures, striking very friendly went to a restaurant, spent a couple of enjoyable hours, then came back to my room. The rest is private.


Escort cristycurves reviewed by alekjacobs on 06/24/11. 
came to my hotel, she was on time and very discreet, I liked how professional she was was also pleased to see that she was as described, pretty,well built , definitely above average is very funny, entertaining,loves to tease, laugh,it was alot of fun, better than expected, the time flew, if I were rich I would have kept her for the night! Read


Escort cristycurves reviewed by plevine on 06/10/11. 
I have done this alot in other cities, so I am used to all kinds of games and girls not being as described, after talking to cristy I was assured it was her in the pictures, some are not that clear, when she arrived I was pleasently surprised, finally an honest description and a pretty, slim girl, Cristy is a tall stunner, someone you would be proud to be with.


Escort cristycurves reviewed by adamcarter on 06/06/11. 
cristy arrived on time, nicely dressed, heels,lingerie,smell ed great, I paid her for 3hours 220/hour she came to my hotel room without any problem was to my relieve very pretty, better than her pictures, very fit , and also fun to talk with, she made me feel relaxed, I was a little nervous , she is a bit imtimidating but will make you feel at ease very quickly. 


Some of my reviews- 







 Clients comments-

June15/2018-a client commnet from Lyla recommendation board.

I was nervous once but I was fortunate to have heeded the advice on this board. I wholeheartedly echo the experience of the other board members. There are some fine long standing highly experienced ladies in the Halifax/Dartmouth areas who can get you past your fears within minutes of meeting. CristyCurves (aka cristylonglegs), Christina4u, Barbie doll Hailey will immediately put you at ease. I always looked forward to connecting with such gentle thoughtful souls. On a slightly edgier side I also recommend MsManda who will open up new erotic options unimagined, if you dare to go there. Do be worried though, she is very respectful of limits and will take the time to help you explore. These are some of the finest that you can find anywhere.

Dec 08 2017-Hey Cristy,


 Thanks for seeing me today I had an awesome time as usual. You are so accommodating and also a lovely conversationalist. It's such a pleasure to be in your company. 



This will be only place I will put this review of our date. You can post it yourself if you wish.
My date with Cristy.
On a scale of 1-10 she is a 25.
Thank you again.




I had a wonderful chance to meet Cristycurves. What a great experience

She is a superb lady, hot and lovely. I can't wait to see her again. 

make reality from your dream

thanks Cristy! 

 I just met with Cristy tonight and I must say she does impress. She greeted me at the door dressed in an outfit that really showed off her amazing figure. In high heels she towered over me (I'm 5ft9) they made her stand well over 6ft. Her place is very nice and in a  good location. She was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.

I must say she knows how to play and I will definitely be repeating

thanks Cristy for rocking my world. 


 I visited Cristy recently and indeed her pictures are accurate. She has the figure of a vegas show girl. I'm just an average joe, height wise, so yeah, I was looking up too! She was exceptionally hospitable(good wine and conversation) and her place is like her, Classy and casual. It was a great evening and she's not a clockwatcher, quite the opposite actually, lots of fun was had!

An up in the air work schedule, not knowing if I'd be done today at 5 or 10 left me in the position trying to find someone short notice. Jumped on cerb and noticed Cristy online. A couple pm's  and a call or two later and shortly she was knocking at my door. The evening was great, everything was discussed before hand. As usual the details will stay offline. But I would repeat without question next time I'm in Halifax.

I had a date with Cristy last week and it was nothing but a pleasant experience. She is charming, easy to talk to and relaxed. Her pictures are 100% real and she is all her advertising says she is. 

 I'll admit that I've been intrigued by Christy's ads for quite sometime. There's just something about them that screams pick up the phone and make the call. I finally did and wish I had done it much sooner. From the tall sexy woman that opend the door, the glass of wine  and intelligent conversation on the sofa to the grand finale, I was in awe the whole time I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying Christy's company

A very pleasurable experience. 


I had the very great pleasure of spending some time with Cristy recently, and I've been smiling ever since. Her location is great and she creates a very intimate atmosphere. Those who've seen her pictures and posts will have some idea of her beauty, sexiness and kindness, but they barley prepare you for the real thing. Between her great looks and equally terrific personality she easily inspires passion. Treat her well gentlemen, she's a real gem, and you won't regret it!

 Thank you Cristy

I have been with Cristy three times now and it will be more! Killer body, funny and witty.

Highly recommended.


Cristy is terrific, never disappoints. Always turned out like a model. Looking forward to our next visit. 

Cristy is one of the best ladies I've seen. If you want to feel comfortable and  truly have the girlfriend experience she's the lady for you. She is a treat and deserves nothing but the best.

I know I can't wait to spoil her again! 


Sorry I'm so late getting to this. I had the experience to spend some time with Christy back in November. She was super sexy, great body, very intelligent and provided me with a fabulous experience. Second to none. Thanks Christy

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady and recommend her highly. She is classy, smart, funny, gorgeous and sexy. She will leave you a happy man. 


Amazing, very classy, clean and professional. Super sexy with a great personality. I will definitely  see her again.

I met her months ago, great girl and I'm waiting to get to Halifax again. great girl 


Wow, what a beautiful lady, perfect in every way and that is how all experiences should be. Thank you so much.

I met with Cristycurves last week and can't say enough  good about her ( beautiful come to mind) . It was my first time and all I can say is WOW!! just like her pictures, only better. Can't wait till next time


cristycurves is an absolute knockout and easy to talk to.



Hi Cristy, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing evening. I had a wonderful time. You're an amazing, beautiful and sexy lady. Take care, until we meet again!



The anticipation of meeting built as we exchanged e-mails, arrangements were made, and then a last minute flip flop at work left me in a rush to get over on time...I parked and found my way inside, looking forward to getting to meet you in person. Stepping through the threshold of your place, I was welcomed by the warmth of your space, and the smile on your face. You were exactly as I'd thought, only taller and better....the conversation as we got comfortable was pleasant, and easy. The conversation never really ended, but we did get pleasantly distracted from it for quite a while, and when, alas, we parted ways, it was with delightful memories written in my mind. Those memories have been rekindled even just by passing through the area, and while my work has kept me away, it is now moving me closer, so I know we will soon meet again, and there will be a measure of pleasure for both of us to enjoy.


 You have a beautifully sculpted figure. Michelangelo with all his chisels could not create a more beautiful vision.

Your heart matches your beauty and I didn't think that possible. You're the stuff of fantasy and inspire one to take a stand.


Tommyboy, 03-01-2017
I typically see women under 40 but Cristy's pictures were irresistible and after talking to her I was intrigued. So I thought I'd take the plunge. Cristy lived up to and surpassed all of what is so attractive about her pictures and videos. She makes 42 a very desirable age. Many younger won't hold a candle to her. So thank you Cristy for a very memorable evening. looks-10 of 10 location 10 of 10 personality and friendliness 10 of 10 A Halifax gem for sure.


 For my most recent reviews see my full body album, I've copied some of my latest reviews there. Sorry I don't know how to print them here. If you are a member of lyla I've many there listed under cristycurves and cristylonglegs. Enjoy the read:)

Name: cristylonglegs
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Straight
Body Type: Toned
Measurements: 36D-26-36
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 126 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Canadian
Age: 44
Availability: Incalls/Outcalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Short
Body Piercings: None
Grooming: Trimmed
Tattoos?: None
Smokes?: No
Porn Star?: Amateur
Likes: kindness, humor, compassion, intelligence, dogs, cars, delicious food
Dislikes: pettiness, cruelty, bullies, dishonesty, gossip.
Accept Credit Cards: I accept cash only or cash payments thru e-transfer.
Available to: men




Some things to consider before you contact me-

If we have yet to meet....Please contact me by phone. I dislike conversing thru text or email-  902-444-0414

♥Screening is mandatory with me. It protects us both and my requiring it should give you a sense of my professionalism. Any excuse for being unwilling to allow me to know who you are will only lead me to believe you have nefarious intentions and an agenda other than just wanting to meet for relaxation and fun, and I'll consider you unsafe to meet. It is silly and unjust for you to assume you'd be unsafe giving me your information, since any misuse of it would destroy my reputation and ruin any chances of my future dates with you or anyone else. 

You must be willing to provide one or all of the following: proof of your identity either by a copy of your (passport, or any other government id), or a texted photo, or a link to your social media account/s, or a reference from another known companion, or your review board handle and links to your posts and or reviews. without **one** or all of these, I will **ABSOLUTELY** refuse to meet, no exceptions.

♥You may also find me on twitter.com @cristylonglegs -  Check my links for other sites

♥All my pictures are recent, some are stamped as to when they were taken, most are taken by me (selfies). I feel this is the best way to give you an accurate representation of my appearance, without giving away my identity.

♥  I prefer to meet with educated, articulate, entrepreneurial professional gentlemen who are confident, yet humble, who have a sense of humor, who are down to earth, and who are respectful, discrete and over the age of 30. Although I have no preference as too your height, weight, race, or too how good looking you are or are not, I do have expectations that you'll have clean well groomed nails on hands and feet, good dental hygiene, meaning your teeth are white and clean looking and your breathe is fresh.That you will  be well groomed all over (meaning, being clean from head to toes)  and NOT smelling of cigarette smoke or anything other than smelling freshly showered.

If you expect me to be enthusiastic about dating you, you'll have to meet these requirements. If when we meet you are  anything less, expect either a lackluster date, or that we'll simply part ways, with you having to give compensation, for being dishonest and for wasting my time.

 ♥I might post/advertise often, but I date only occasionally. In order for me to make these dates special, it's best you give me as much notice as possible, preferably 24hrs, minimally 1- 2hrs. With notice, I'm able to reschedule my plans and too prepare as carefully as I'd like. Enabling me to offer you an exceptionaly authentic date.

♥Promptness and Discretion are paramount with me. I will be on time for you, please be on time for me. All the information you give me is seen only by me and never shared. When you leave my company, we no longer know each other, until you decide to contact me again. I **do not** randomly reach out to any clients. 

 If you happen to see me in public, please respect my privacy, and don't call out to me, especially using my companion name. I'd never approach you, please show me the same respect and discretion. I like and enjoy, all my chosen clients, but a client/companion relationship ends when we part, and resumes only when you contact me again. I have no interest in forming relationships outside of our client/companion relationship.

♥ I do accept reviews and reco's. So if you decide to write something, please be a gentleman, explicit details aren't necessary, nor are they flattering to either party. Remember I too can write and comment about my meetings:) To leave your comments you may either post them on which ever board you belong or email them to cristylonglegs@gmail.com and I will post them. 

♥ To reiterate-  I'm interested in meeting and having fun with, select respectful, discrete, honest, very clean mature gentlemen. Who are without an agenda, other than wanting to meet to have some fun. I'm not interested in long term commited relationships, or drama of any kind.  I'm happily single and not interested in conventional dating or meeting anyone who is troublesome.

♥What I expect of you is to be discrete, to be on time, to be clean, freshly showered, preferably within an hour or two of our meeting. Hygiene will determine just how close we get.  Please be aware that I'm hyper sensitive to cigarette smoke so if you are a smoker please shower and wash your hair thoroughly. Refrain from smoking after you shower and before our date. Wear clothes that are clean and haven't been worn while smoking. I'm aware that not everyone is blessed with perfectly white teeth, but if your dental hygiene is poor, I'm not going to be comfortable meeting. For those gentlemen who work with their hands, please moisturize and thoroughly clean your nails and hands before visiting. Rough, unclean nails/hands aren't comfortable to certain sensitive areas.

 As far as your attire, you don't have to don a suit, but you should want to look your best,  I'm going to be at my best for you, assuming, you've given me notice to prepare. Although I find attractiveness through non-physical traits, how one presents themselves and your hygiene, does say something.

♥ If you must cancel, that happens!! But please be considerate enough to let me know you won't be keeping our date, I certainly will let you know. A cancellation fee will apply to those who cancel a date within 24 to 48 hrs.

♥ Remember this is about having fun, meeting someone new, or revisiting and having more fun, gaining a new perspective, and enjoying one another's company. No pretenses, drama or negativity is wanted. 


I accept dates between 10am and 10pm weekdays-noon-11pm on the weekends. Later/earlier appointments can be arranged with notice and a deposit. Morning dates must always be booked with no less than 24hrs notice.

Step into my world where only your imagination can limit the possibilities.


All fees collected are for my time only. Anything else that happens is between two conscenting adults and not contracted.

Types of companionship I provide:

I pride myself in offering all my guests an authentic, unrushed exciting date and want all my guests to leave relaxed, fulfilled and happy. 

FS-200 Hrly-a style of service that caters to the gentleman who wants to lay back, enjoy being pampered and having all the attention.

Gfe- 200 1/2 Hr-300 Hrly- a style of service that involves both of us enjoying one another, over and over again.

Pse-400 Hrly- A style of service that steps beyond the gfe and caters to those gentlemen with insatiable appetites.

A shower is availble to all my guests for before and or after our date, all amentities are provided.

Intimacy and just how close we get is dependant on your hygiene and our chemistry and occurs at my discretion. If you've dirty nails, rough unclean hands, then NO digits, bad teeth/breath then NO kissing. Any pubic/body odor, or anything  that looks suspicious then no intimacy/oral or otherwise and no refund. I expect you to come clean, healthy and as we've discussed and you've promised.

I expect full compensation from those who book and cancel last minute or same day. Those who purposely seek to waste my time, who book just to cancel or no show, will have their numbers and or info posted unless they have a viable explanation/ reason for doing so. It is quite easy to tell the difference between those who purposely play games and those who encounter unexpected events.


Rate Session Service Details
$200 gfe CAD 30min Incalls
$300gfe CAD 1hr Incalls Outcall $50 extra
$600gfe CAD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls Outcall $50 extra
$800gfe CAD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls Outcall $50 extra


I'm available in Halifax by appointment and require a voice call to book a date. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please note the quickest way to reach me is not by email, but by either text(for those I've alreadymet) or voicecall-thanks.

Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Thurs 10am-10pm Incalls/Outcalls Halifax Halifax Regional Munic
Weekends 12pm-11pm Incalls/Outcalls Halifax Halifax Regional Munic



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my erotic story

My name is Cristy....


For those who like to bring a gift, that is very thoughtful and so appreciated. Here is a list of things I would enjoy

 A Donation to an animal charity:Some I support

-Animal Welfare institute

-Humane farming association

-Nova Scotia Spca

-Dian Fossey Gorrilla fund International

-Best Friends Animal society

 visa /mastercard Gift cards

Alcohol -I like red or white wine, baileys, Grande marnier

I'm a foodie, anything yummy is appreciated (especially sweet things)

Perfume-I love Mademoiselle by Channel

Or just bring yourself and a smile, that too I'll greatly appreciate



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